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IFC Drawing :

It is the short form of “ISSUED FOR CONSTRUCTION”. This is the drawing is given by the consultant for construction purposes as well as to prepare the shop drawings by the contractor.

Shop Drawing :

A shop drawing making in a Actual Scale which is produced by consultants (OR) contractor.

 As built drawings:

An as-built drawing is defined as a drawing created and submitted by a contractor after completing the project which is show all the minor and major modifications made by the contractor as per the site condition.

Heating and Cooling Load Calculations :

Heating and cooling load calculations are carried out to estimate the required capacity of heating and cooling systems, which can maintain the required temperature conditions in the conditioned space .    


It is the short form of "BILL OF QUANTITY" which is making from the IFC drawings by a proper take off. it will be reflected on the quotation as mention the line items to specify to obtain the value of the contract.


An HVAC estimator analyzes the scope of a proposed heating, Ventilation and air conditioning project to create a detailed estimate of the project's cost. As an HVAC estimator, you consider the cost of labor and materials and describe what is needed for our client's consideration.


DX :

DX stands for direct expansion cooling. In DX cooling equipment, a refrigerant coil is placed directly in the supply air stream. As the refrigerant evaporates and expands, it removes energy, lowering the temperature of the supply air stream. 


VRV stands for "Variable Refrigerant Volume," while VRF stands for "Variable Refrigerant Flow". ... VRV is term copyrighted by Daikin, one of the true industry leaders in HVAC equipment and technology.


A chiller is a machine that removes heat from a liquid coolant via a vapor-compression, adsorption refrigeration, or absorption refrigeration cycles. This liquid can then be circulated through a heat exchanger to cool equipment, or another process stream (such as air or process water).


The term Cold room, as generic as the name may sound, refers to a specially built room, chamber or an enclosure that is well-insulated or lagged so as to prevent direct thermal flow out of the room.


Precision cooling is an air conditioning or cooling technique that is specifically designed for use in IT equipment and environments and is implemented in devices that directly cool electronic and IT equipment.


One Time Service :

Making a full service for your air conditioning with good efficiency on call basics.

Annual Maintenance :

We are taking one-year preventive maintenance in this four times we do full service with chemicals for indoor and outdoor then you call us “N” no of calls for service we will in which you’re going to pay for one year only all service will be zero cost. 

Duct Fabrication

Square Duct :

A Square duct has approximately 32 percent more sheet metal in it (likely galvanized steel), costing slightly more with insulation, support, and labor. They can also be made of fiberglass board. However, the overall capital cost is worthwhile because rectangular ducts.

Spiral Duct :

A spiral or round duct is typically made from galvanized steel and occasionally aluminium. If not from sheet metal, spiral ducts can be fiberglass board or a flexible plastic and wire composite.

Spiral ducts are being used more frequently and can be any length, but the most common cut is 20 feet in order to fit in a standard truck. The ducts can be connected using slip joints or flange-to-flange connection methods, depending on additional performance requirements.

Double Skin :

Ducts built with double layer is called double skin.

Round Duct :

Round duct, which has lower and better pressure drop characteristics that reduce fan speed, is also more rigid than rectangular duct. This reduces the drum effect from duct vibration in comparison to a rectangular duct, which can transmit excessive noise if not properly supported.


DDC Panel :

DDC panels are in general used in smaller building with single computerised HVAC controller that operates direct digital control system. DDC is automated control of process by device or a computer. The controller consists a program to control air handler portion of HVAC system.

Building Management System :

BMS systems are “Intelligent” microprocessor based controller networks. installed to monitor and control a buildings technical systems and services. such as air conditioning, ventilation, lighting and hydraulics.